Friday, March 13, 2015

Vieques Day 4: The NHS Pirates of the Caribbean

Day 4 of Vieques and for some reason the 80 and above degree weather doesn't seem to get old. Maybe it's because New Hampshire is exhibiting cold temperatures and on and off blizzard warnings? Not quite sure. But once again, today was rad...

We woke up around 7:00 and set out for a paddle boarding trip through a bay called Puerto Ferro. We were led by three tour guides: Gabo, Louis and Jack Sparrow (David)...

They directed us through an area of red mangrove trees, known for its arching roots that rise above the water level. Our tour guides educated us on the importance of mangroves and how it is a primary basis for ecosystems such as the one we see in Vieques. We also got to spread a bunch of mud from the water on our faces. It was an effective sunblock and mosquito repellent, but the initial stink smelled something like the back of a rhinoceros cage at the zoo. So when your kids wipe mud on their face (and make sure it's mud), they are just trying to exfoliate their skin or protect themselves from the sun and insects like mosquitoes, gnats, and parents. The paddle boarding trip ended with a trip to a hidden beach that was very beautiful and secluded...

We learned a lot from the three guides and were very appreciative of them. The second half of our day was spent at La Finca learning about their eco-friendly way of life. Led by a woman named Mary, we walked around the grounds and saw lots of different ways in which we ourselves could be helping the environment and also in ways that we wish to accomplish in the future sometime. We hope to bring our knowledge of being green back to New Hampton, the green and white!

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  1. So jealous of your adventures! Fun to see your smiling faces, too. Enjoy the biobay tour tonight. Keep making awesome memories :-) Mrs. J