Sunday, March 15, 2015

Vieques Final Day: A Trip Ends, But A Journey Begins

Project Week comes to an official end tomorrow because one week is seven days... not five. Although it is easier to stay a full week on an island in the tropics, that doesn't change the facts. And today didn't get any less interesting. It may have been one of the best. Kayaking and snorkeling made for a beautiful and vacation like experience...

However, this trip was not just a vacation, like most of you may be thinking. This trip, for us, was life changing. And we mean that. We have spent the whole week showing and telling you about the amazingly cool stuff we have done, but we haven't told you about the effect it has had. One cannot enjoy the true meaning of life without going outside their boundaries. 

Becoming a global citizen has made all of us better in unique ways; it has given us perspective, helped us make connections, and created shared experiences with friends that will last a lifetime. 

All of us learned that the most important thing in life, above all else, is passion. Everyone either is or has the ability to be passionate about something. What you decide to do with that is up to you. 

To quote our song of the trip, "I want you to know that it's our time." Our group, the students at New Hampton, the students here in Vieques, this generation, needs to wake up. We control what lies ahead and results will come sooner than we expect. And it doesn't take a trip to Vieques to realize that. It just takes hope. We would encourage everyone to not just get caught up in the things that society may want you to be, but rather get yourself caught up in what you want to be. 

Signing out from paradise. Have a good spring break everyone!

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