Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Full Day of Baking

We started the day at the 104 Diner down the road with a big team breakfast. After we finished, the individual groups separated and went to the different faculty houses. 

Group One went to Mrs. Arsenault's house with Mrs. Bird also helping. Our group made three different cupcakes for tomorrow's competition. We did not add the frosting yet because we're going to add the frosting and decorations tomorrow morning. After the cupcakes were in the oven, we started to prepare our pies. Every group had to do a savory and a dessert pie. Hilary and Andrea did a chicken pot pie and Alexa and I did a bumbleberry pie for dessert. Both turned out really well and we had enough leftovers to do a second bumbleberry pie, though we added a sweet/sour lemon cream layer on the bottom of the pie.

Group 3 drove to Meredith to work in Mrs. Buck's kitchen. Caroline made an awesome pumpkin pie along with chocolate cupcakes. Allie made cookies and cream cupcakes and a chicken pot pie. Mairead made Vanilla cupcakes and worked with Abby to make a breakfast quiche for tomorrow. Abby made a dark chocolate cupcake with mocha buttercream frosting. Cupcakes will be decorated tomorrow for our Cupcake Wars competition at lunch in the dining hall. Group 3 continues to work together efficiently to get the baking done and begin brainstorming for the next bake day.

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