Saturday, March 14, 2015

What We Learned in Tinker Shop

Marco: Throughout Project Week my group, Tinker Shop, was exposed to the variety of jobs that the maintenance staff complete on a daily basis. In working under the supervision of Dana and David, we sought to learn a practical application of woodworking: the installation of windows. Undoubtedly, this was the most interesting thing that we learned all week. Although learning maintenance on a car was fun and enticing, it was the most difficult. There are so many components to a car/truck and each model is different, creating some degree of confusion for me. Lastly, the most applicable thing I learned was how to change the oil and tires on a car. This is something I foresee myself doing in the future whether it is on the side of the road or in my garage.

Kaitlyn: The coolest thing that I learned during Project Week was how the heat works in Pilalis, Meservy, and Lane. I went into the boiler room in Pilalis and saw how big it was and how much energy it took to heat each building. The hardest part of the week was the mechanic part and learning about cars. There are so many more parts than I thought there were, and it is a very complex machine. Things that I will use in the future are the carpentry skills that I learned. Learning how to use the table saws and nail guns were very useful because if I ever want to build something by myself I will know how to! Project Week was very fun and it put me out of my comfort zone by doing things I had never done before.

Becca: The main reason I picked Tinker Shop for Project Week was because I signed up late and it was my only remaining option. In all honesty, I had no idea what "Tinker Shop" was. Once I started to be involved in the activities, this amazing project provided numerous life lessons. These lessons would be essential to know throughout life regardless if it was the past, present, or most importantly the future. My favorite activity was driving around the tractors and handling the power tools. I truly believe that this was the most fun all week. I enjoyed handling and playing around with these objects. The hardest part of the week was the mechanic part. Although this module was the most important in my mind. When my car breaks down, or my tire pops, or even if I need to change my filter or oil, I will now know how to. I can pass this extremely important knowledge down to my friends and family members that are not aware of this information. I am very excited that I went out of my comfort zone to learn new and useful skills that will be very important in my life.

Jon M: Throughout Project Week in Tinker Shop I learned many skills that I believe I will use later in life. By far the most interesting thing I learned was the process of making maple sugar. We went to local sugar shacks around New Hampshire where we talked with the owners. One difficult thing was driving the heavy equipment, mostly because I did not want to break anything. All the skills I learned throughout the week I believe can be used later on in life and I am thankful for doing this project.

Mark: The coolest thing I learned throughout the week was how to use the power tools in the wood shop. The hardest thing I learned how to do was maneuver my way under the car to get the oil so I could change it. I almost got stuck trying to change it, which was not fun. I will use the general tools and abilities I learned through out the week to help me later in life, such as cutting wood at the right angle and length. The week was a blast and I loved every second of it.

Guthrie: My favorite part of the week was working in the wood shop. We learned a lot about the tools that you need to use and how to be safe. The most difficult part for me was driving all the machines. I have never driven a machine with a gas pedal before, so that was an interesting experience because I was scared I was going to crash an expensive piece of equipment. The most useful thing I think is the automotive teachings. Having to rotate my tires and change the oil are things that I will have to use later in life and so it is good I know how to do it.

Maurice: The most fun thing I learned to do was using the woodshop tools and building windows and the picnic tables. This was the most fun because working with powerful, dangerous tools is always fun. The most applicable skill was working with cars and learning to change the oil and such because I will use those for my whole family's cars. Overall it was a fun and good week that I will take things from.

Christian: Tinker Shop was a blast this year. I really liked how we got to drive the machines that they use throughout the day. The hardest part was using the saws because I was nervous and didn't want to hurt me or anyone else. What I will take away from all this, and probably use the most, will be changing the oil and tires. All in all this was a great week.

Cole: The most important and coolest part of my week was learning how to use power saws and nail guns and also learning how to use some heavy machinery like the snow plows and wood splitters. The hardest part of my week was making the picnic tables and cutting the wood at the right measurements and angles. The one thing that I learned that is very important and is going to be most applicable going forward is the use of some handy tools like the saw and hammer and the use of power tools and how those work and how to use them properly. Now I can be a little more handy around the house.

Charles: The coolest thing that I did over project week was changing the oil on a car. This is a very useful skill and it was also cool to see how the car worked. The hardest thing was cutting trees with the trimmers because it wasn't that fun, and therefore pretty hard. The most applicable thing I learned was how to go maple sugaring; this is a cool skill to know if I ever want to do it myself.

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