Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Board 2016

The Board is where all project IDEAS for Project Week 2016 are posted. The Board contains the following information for each project:
  • Title
  • Project Leader(s)
  • Student Leader (s)
  • Location
  • Essential Question
  • Estimated Cost
There is no guarantee that any of the projects listed below will be offered during Project Week 2016. 

Every project idea must be submitted through the Project Proposal Form to the Director of Experiential Learning. The proposed projects will then be reviewed by the Project Week Committee.

On-Campus Projects (Proposed)

  • Build An Electric Go-Kart (proposed)

    • Project Leader: Mr. Churchill
      Student Leaders: Dennis L.
      Essential Question: still needed
      Estimated Cost: $0 - $100
  • The Ultimate Cooking Project (proposed)

    • Project Leader: Mr. Sampson
      Student Leaders: TBD
      Essential Question: still needed
      Estimated Cost: $0 - $100

Near-Campus Projects (Proposed)

  • French Language and Culture in Quebec (proposed)

    • Project Leader: Ms. Coles
      Student Leaders: TBD
      Location: Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
      Essential Question: What is the relationship between language and national identity in Quebec?
      Estimated Cost: $1000 - $1500
  • Whaling and Its Aftermath: Nantucket Then and Now (proposed)

    • Project Leader: Ms. Woodard
      Student Leaders: TBD
      Location: Nantucket Island, Massachusetts
      Essential Question: How does the history of a place shape its present culture and way of life?
      Estimated Cost: $1000 - $1500

Domestic Off-Campus Projects (Proposed)*

  • Global Citizenship & Community Based Tourism in the Caribbean (under review)

    • Project Leader: Mr. Little and Ms. Joslin
      Student Leaders: TBD
      Location: Vieques, Puerto Rico
      Essential Question: What are the benefits and challenges of Community Based Tourism (CBT) for Vieques and how can CBT, partnered with engaged Global Citizens, create a sustainable future for the island?
      Estimated Cost: $2500 - $3000
  • Whitewater Rafting in Utah with Outward Bound (under review)

    • Project Leader: Ms. McClure and Mr. Tyson
      Student Leaders: TBD
      Location: San Juan River, Utah
      Essential Question: Why are outdoor educational experiences valuable?
      Estimated Cost: $2500 - $3000

International Off-Campus Projects (Proposed)*

  • History of British Theater (under review)

    • Project Leader: Ms. Brown and Mr. Beaulieu
      Student Leaders: Sarah S. and Emma W.
      Location: London, England
      Essential Question: To what extent did theatre contribute to the development of English Culture and society?
      Estimated Cost: $3000 - $3500
  • Empower and Educate Youth with the Mariposa Foundation (under review)

    • Project Leader: Ms. Wilson and Mr. Schwab or Mr. Marcella
      Student Leaders: Nicki S., Kate D., Emily C., and Natalie T.
      Location: TBD, Dominican Republic
      Essential Question: How can service, education and empowerment of young girls help end the cycle of generational poverty in the Dominican Republic (and developing world)?
      Estimated Cost: $3000 - $3500
  • Greece: From World Domination to Bankruptcy (conditional approval)

    • Project Leader: Mr. Mansur and Ms. Veilleux
      Student Leaders: Giotty A. and Caroline W.
      Location: Athens, Greece
      Essential Question: How did Greece fall from one of the most powerful empires in history to a struggling, bankrupt country?
      Estimated Cost: $3000 - $3500
  • Study Wild and Captive Animals Through the Art of Observation (under review)

    • Project Leader: Ms. MacLeod and Ms. Frame
      Student Leaders: Katie T. and Megan B.
    • Location: Ecuador
      Essential Question: Through observation and journaling, how has human impact to the environment affected the behavior of both wild and captive animals?
      Estimated Cost: $3000 - $3500
  • Community Building with Lacrosse The Nations (under review)

    • Project Leader: Mr. Simon
      Student Leaders: TBD
      Location: Costa, Rica
      Essential Question: still needed
      Estimated Cost: $3000 - $3500

*Once approved, off-campus projects will need the minimum number of students to submit deposits by the deposit deadline in October. If the minimum number of students do not submit deposits by this deadline, the project will no longer be offered and any submitted deposits will be refunded.

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