Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just Do It! The Key to Success for Any Experiential Learning Program

We are 11 days from Project Week and Project Leaders school wide are anxiously preparing. There are materials to order, meetings to line up, and bags to pack. Are the rosters set? Does everyone have their passport? What if the kids don’t like their projects?


Just Do It. 

Thanks Nike for making me have to cite these three simple words with your best-ever advertising tagline. But really, Just Do It. This is the crux of experiential learning. So what if you fail? So what if the project turns out different than how you planned? As long as the students are doing something, they will be learning. Don’t overthink it, don’t over plan it, don’t force it. Let the students direct their learning and be flexible. Encourage, engage, and the keep the students safe, but let them take the reigns. Set high expectations, and accept that they may not be met. But be prepared to be blown away when expectations are met, or when they’re exceeded.

This is why we do Project Week.

Just Do It!

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