Saturday, March 12, 2016

An Amazing Experience!

What an amazing day the Vieques travelers had today! The day began by returning to the museum to finish our project with our local friends Ardel, Gracie, Leonardo and Carlos. Using recycled satellites as our medium, we painted manatees, turtles, birds, and different symbols of island attractions (snorkeling, biking etc.) Our artwork will be hung in the Cieba Tree park, creating a friendly atmosphere to bring locals and tourists together.

After we finished painting the satellite dishes, we ate some lunch (home made chocolate chip cookies!) and then took off to the Wildlife Reserve. We were in awe of the natural beauty of the secluded lagoon. After a quick demonstration from local our guide, Gabo,  we hopped on the paddle boards and headed over to the red mangroves, which surround the bay. We had to lie down on our boards and use our hands as paddles to get through! It was a great experience, but some of us weren't so fond of the bugs! (right, Cece?) We then paddled to a beach where we parked our boards and snorkeled to a reef. There were many bright fish and a big stingray! After a tough paddle into the wind, we headed for Chastee’s restaurant for a big homemade meal of pig, rice, cole slaw and potato salad with banana bread for dessert! Many of the local friends we made throughout the week joined us for the feast! What a great day to be a Husky! :)

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