Tuesday, March 8, 2016

LtN Day 2: Food Bank & After School Fun!

We got an early start at 7am this morning with an amazing breakfast only a few houses down from our hotel. From there, we went to the food bank, “Banco de Alimientos” in town where we repaired rejected bags of beans, rice, salt, flour and many other foods that the grocery stores reject. Lacrosse the Nations pairs with the food bank to connect with the locals more. This food goes to the most impoverished families in Costa Rica. We had fun working and helping others, listening to music and pretending the bags of rice were our hospital patients. 

In our free time we sat by the pool where Nicki and Nicole successfully burnt there whole body. After another amazing lunch at the same restaurant we ate at for breakfast, our group learned more about Lacrosse the Nations and their mission. We got a tour of the small town of Potrero. 

Following the tour we went to the local field to meet the kids for their after school sports session. Our group jumped right in and played with the kids, despite the language barrier. Asa got scored on behind the back by an elementary schooler named Jeffery, it was unreal. Mr. Simon seeing this, pulled out a NHS application out of nowhere and offered him on the spot! We played soccer with them and did some lacrosse trivia. We quickly ran to the beach to catch the sunrise and body surf the waves until it was dinner time. We ate at another local food area we walked to from our hotel where we enjoyed reflecting on our highlights of the day.

Quote of the Day- “What woke you up? The roosters? The monkeys? or the dogs?!!"

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