Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 2 in the Pits

In Build A Go-Kart the two manufacturing teams, Bowser and Donkey Kong, have been diligently working! As team Bowser, we have successfully built the frame and begun putting on brake pads. Both teams ran into difficulties when installing the brakes. Calipers didn't seem to align with the rest of the frame and wouldn't align with the disc as well. However, through problem solving, we found a solution and felt great about the fact that we overcame a pretty big obstacle early! Final steps in completing the kart will be to install the four hp motor, attach the wheels, and customize our ride. These final steps will happen today! We are looking forward to seeing this project come to shape today and tackle any further obstacles that we may encounter.  

As we get into the customization process, the group members are looking forward to researching different automotive and aerodynamic laws and principles as we attempt to decrease drag and increase overall speed.

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