Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 3: Dartmouth and Yoga!

Today all the students were up extra early to eat breakfast. I think the excitement of heading to Dartmouth to visit with a Division I Strength and Conditioning Coach had a little to do with it. After having a nice breakfast, we loaded up a bus and made the short trip down to Hanover, NH. Coach Bob Miller was nice enough to spend the morning with us talking about how athletes at Dartmouth workout and showing the students about proper form and technique.

Coach Miller speaking with our project group.
Max is shown below demonstrating overhead squats with a stick, an exercise student-athletes at Dartmouth use as part of their warm-up prior to lifting weights.

Coach Miller spent some time speaking about squat form and flexibility. Walker was gracious enough to be his demo person for this exercise.

Johannes was part of the demonstration dealing with shoulder and torso flexibility, exercises to help us improve in that area.

Kristers was lucky enough to be volunteered to help demonstrate my favorite exercise; single leg squat.

Coach Miller also spent time working with all the students on the proper form used to set up a hang clean. Will, Johannes, Mike, Chad, Davis, Moe, Kristers and Walker are shown in the video below working on their form.

Spending the morning with Coach Miller was an awesome learning experience for our students. He made the experience that much more memorial when he took us on a tour of all the athletic facilities Dartmouth College has to offer. It was a nice opportunity for our students to see what being an athlete at the next level involves. After the tour, the students were famished, so we all went to Boloco to enjoy a nice healthy meal.

When we returned to New Hampton, the students were able to have some down time before our yoga session. Mrs. Tyson was nice enough to spend an hour with our group to put them through an intense yoga session. Students were able to see how hard yoga can be but at the same time how beneficial it is to your body.

Tomorrow we look forward to getting back into the gym to use some of the exercises Coach Miller showed us on our visit.

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