Friday, March 11, 2016

Indoor Adventure: Day Four

The Indoor Adventure squad went big on our last day of adventuring! Our morning brought us to Hookset for a stop at Space Entertainment Center and a round of black light laser tag. The fast paced game took place inside a multi level neon space base where the group was split into two teams to play. After some tasty space pizza, we were off to Merrimack Valley Paintball for some outdoor excitement, just to see what we'd been missing all week. MVP did not disappoint! Again playing on two teams, the group went through rounds of Elimination, Capture the Flag, and Protect the President, to everyone's great enjoyment! Van and Neo will be writing on the Space Center experience, while JT and Matt will be giving their reviews of paintballing.

During our afternoon at Merrimack Valley Paintball, NHS shot, defended, attacked, and got shot by each other. By the end of the day, everyone had gotten a little paint on them from an exploding paintball. The Paintball place looks a little weird when you first pull in but once you meet the staff you feel like you’re right at home. We started off with a simple elimination game. Then we did capture the flag which wasn’t much different because we ended up just shooting each other instead of getting the flag. Finally we did protect the president where one team had to be body guards and transport the president across the battlefield. The other team was the assassins and they had to try to kill the president. In the end, the assassins won. - JT
Paintball was a thrilling and exhilarating adventure. Going into it I did not know what to expect or how much it would hurt when i was hit. To start the friendly staff got us all geared up and filled up with paint. Then we headed out to the woods. When walking in we saw a bunch of different courses. By the end of the day we played on every course. The objective of the first game we played was simply to eliminate all the players on the other team. The next game we then played on a different course and the objective was to capture a fly and bring it back to “base”. The final and in my opinion most fun game we played was called president. The other team had one person that they chose to be the “president” and they had to protect him and get him to a specific structure. The team I was on were the assassins and we had to shoot the president before he go to that point to win. Over all it was a great experience and definitely worth the money. - Matt
Laser Tag Arena is a new game for me and I enjoyed it after the first 5 minutes. Our group were split into two team of six and everyone were equipped with a body vest and a laser gun attached to the vest. The vest and the laser gun have tag points on it so our goal is to shoot the tag points as much as possible to score for our team, the same goes with our opponents. My favorite thing about the game is the arena itself, it's dark and glowing with red and green neon colors, the arena is two levels and full of structures and buildings for cover. Even though after 3 game our team lost, I enjoyed blasting 500 laser rounds at opponents all over the place. - Van

Laser tag was fun. When we arrived there, the game was not ready to go, so we experienced some other arcade games while we were waiting, like skiing, pac-man air hockey, basketball shooting, and other games. When the laser tag was ready to go, we were separated into two groups, the setting was great, white things would glow in the space. There were two ways to gain points, shooting your opponents or shooting their bases. Also, when you were shot for a certain times or you were out of armor and you had to go back to your base to reset. My team lost all three rounds of the game, because some of us did not get the trick of shooting the base. It was a good game though. At the end, everyone got a scorecard with their points and it tells them who they shot and who shot them during the game. - Neo

Overall, paintball ranked as one of the most popular games of the week, providing a great value for the cost, and a unique, exciting, experience. Everyone found it to be easy to learn how to play and use the equipment and thought it was very intense and tiring! Laser tag was rated high for fun, but did not offer much of a workout and it was a little difficult to figure out how to use the blasters. The team would recommend paintball for teenagers to adults, while laser tag would be better for younger kids.

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