Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Indoor Adventure: Day One

The students of Indoor Adventure spent the opening morning developing rating criteria for our upcoming trips around the state, and researching their various assignments to help develop short business summaries and interview questions, all for use in our creation of a compendium of adventure related indoor recreation businesses in New Hampshire. In the coming days, our travels will take us to many points around the state to rank adventurous indoor experiences. To put our ranking system to the test, we set off in the afternoon for nearby Funspot, in Laconia. Victor and Fernando were tasked with reporting on our visit.

Today, the Indoor Adventure group went to a regional arcade game place named Funspot. There were more than 600 arcade games available to have fun and spend our time with. I think that Funpot was a good place to be on a Monday. Me and my buddy Victor had so much fun racing against each other in the Daytona USA game, playing mini golf and playing the classic Mortal Kombat game. I wish that we had more time to spend there, because I was not able to play all the games that Funspot presented for me. What most impressed me at Funspot were all the old games that I saw, games that my father used to play when he was younger and now I have had the pleasure to experience what he experienced. - Fernando

Today, during the first day of project week, our Indoor Adventure group went to Funspot. It is considered the biggest arcade in the world, and as you can imagine, there were hundreds of games and activities in it. As soon as we got there, we received our "Tokens" (the coin used on the machines) and started to play. Personally, I had a lot of fun playing the Mini Golf as well as Air Hockey. I am sure the rest of the group also had fun. Some of them actually got really big scores on some of the games. I interviewed some staff members about the place and learned that there are around 600 games and activities, and an impressive number of around 2000 to 3000 visitors per day at the busy times of the year. It was a really good experience getting to know Funspot, especially with the Indoor Adventure group! - Victor

In rating the Funspot experience, the team ranked it appropriately high in fun for your money, but aside from the wacky gator and whack-a-mole, it was given predictably low scores for excercise quality and intensity. Most agreed though that Funspot had lots to offer and an impressive array of options and was an entertaining, family friendly environment. Particularly popular were the classic Bubble Hockey, the coin wheel, drop, and flip, and the whack-a-games.

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