Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Indoor Adventure: Day Two

The Indoor Adventure crew enjoyed an eclectic array of activities on our second day of action! In the morning, Mrs. Churchill led us through an introduction to Yoga, an experience that she eloquently described as an "inner adventure." The group was taken through a number of beginner positions and learned a bit about the benefits of Yoga for the body and mind. It was a nice balance to the high intensity afternoon that took us to Nashua for a visit to Skyventure and Surfs Up! Enda and Jake reported on our trip to Skyventure.

Skyventure was awesome! At first, I was extremely nervous to go indoor skydiving, but once I got into the tunnel all the butterflies left my body. I started off with a belly flop and immediately got pushed up by the huge fans. I was trying my best to stay calm and listen to the instructor as much as I could. We had to learn hand signals before going in because you can't hear anything while you're flying, but once I started skydiving I forgot all of them. When I got out of the tunnel I was disappointed because I didn't want it to end. Indoor skydiving was breathtaking and I recommend it to everyone!
- Enda

Indoor surfing was amazing! I didn't know what it was going to be like until I saw it first hand. It was nothing like I expected and boy was I bad at it. The instructor would hold my board and give me tips, but it seemed none of them helped for the first 10 minutes as I could only last 10 seconds max. I got sick of falling off and watching all my friends do it so well. I started to bend my knees and keep my back straight and the rest was history. I was able to stay on the board for more then a minute! Once you get it down the thrill was amazing!
- Jake
By the ratings, everyone thought yoga was a fun, well balanced workout. Low intensity and easy to pick up for first timers, the group all found a morning of yoga to be good exercise and a mindful experience. Reviews of Skyventure and Surfs Up highlighted the unique experience that each provide. Surfing offered a moderate workout and required some athleticism and good balance, while skydiving was a minimal workout, but took some effort to master the positioning in the tunnel. Both Skyventure and Surfs Up were considered a good deal for the excitement level, originality, and intensity of the activities!

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