Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mountain Mechanics: Initial Hype

The Mountain Mechanics group is getting excited for the first stop of the project: Loon Mountain. We will arrive at Loon early Monday morning and begin to investigate our essential question: What does it take for a ski resort to be profitable and functional throughout the year? What goes on “behind the scenes” at ski resorts that allows people to enjoy such a wonderful experience?

Working with Terrain Park Manager, Brian Norton, we’ll learn how to organize an event/competition at a ski resort, how to maintain a terrain park, what tools and supplies are used within the park, sponsorship relations, and discover why Loon has the top rated park in New Hampshire.

After our session in the park, we will move over to snow making and learn how Loon makes their snow. Loon makes the most snow in New Hampshire so this session will help us to understand how Loon has maintained their base through such a mild winter.

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