Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mt. Mechanics - Cannon Mountain

"Cannon Mountain was 50 degrees and sunny and was unbelievable skiing. We met with Mike who was a mechanic and he explained the operations of the Mountain Cats and their functions. We also were lucky enough to sit in on a meeting of the leaders of each divisions on the mountain as they discussed daily issues. After exploring the mountain, I can honestly say Cannon is one of my favorite mountains. “  
- Michael D.

"Day 2 in the books! Today was an awesome day. Starting from learning about how the big groomers work and everything that goes along with it. It was sick spending time in the conference room listening to all of the different bosses going over what needed to be fixed or groomed over the following days. We had a lot of fun riding together today. Jay Peak here we come!” 
- Cullin C

Mike, explaining snowcat dynamics

Mike hit the boys with some maintenance knowledge
(and cookies). Thanks Mike!

"Nobody wants to talk to the maintenance guys until
there is a problem!" - Mike

"The snowcats were too complicated for even these guys to make simple enough for us, to go into detail. With 33 functions, these things are as versatile as they come. After visiting the snowmakers again and learning how they made snow, we got to go up the mountain. A great day out there, warm enough to shed layers, some guys weren't even wearing shirts. With a handful of runs under our belt we got to sit in on a SnowPlan meeting, where we got some insight into what the management has to go through everyday. All in all, it was a day full of great snowboarding and great views.”                   - Conor K.

Who's grooming today?
Let me check the list...
The ins and outs of the maintenance shop

Almost at the summit

“Today we met with the maintenance crew who helped us better understand what the snow cats do and how they use each one for terrain park and steeper terrain purposes. We met with the snow making office who was very nice and explained to us how they carry the snow guns around to different parts of the mountain and how they just started snow making on Mittersill mountain. Overall it was a beautiful day of skiing and riding and it was very interesting to understand more in depth on what the mountain goes through to make sure the trails are ready for use.”
- Garrett K.

Fearless leaders on Mittersill

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