Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ultimate Cooking Day #4: Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

The young chefs challenge today was to fry chicken and create the ultimate chicken dinner. As Mr. Sampson told us for the chicken dinner "this is a dinner that you make for that special someone". Despite causing some eye irritation from all the smoke, we still came out with a beautiful chicken that tasted wonderful.

We even had some visitors to taste our delicious chicken: Mr. Joslin, Mrs. Berry, and Mrs. Wagner all came and all enjoyed our masterpiece.

After lunch, we regrouped and stuffed a chicken with herbs, carrots, garlic, and roasted other vegetables to make a lovely roast chicken. Our morning was filled with fried chicken, and our afternoon with the smell of fresh vegetables roasting with the chicken. The afternoon was filled with prep and planning for the much-anticipated symposium on Saturday. The chefs will switch to baking tomorrow for a dessert filled day.

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