Monday, March 7, 2016

Wilderness Survival: Building Shelters

The Wilderness Survival project is off to a great start! Today was all about learning to create a shelter. Our group of twelve Huskies spent the morning setting up and breaking down tents on the Lower Field. Then we moved into the warmer climate of Pilalas for some practice with knot tying. Every member of our group successfully tied a bowline, a figure eight knot, a double fisherman’s knot, and a trucker’s hitch.

After lunch we grabbed our packs and hiked up to Burleigh Mountain along the path we took on Foliage Day, which is currently a treacherous sheet of ice! At the clearing on top of the mountain, the students assembled shelters using tarps and P-cord, making good use of the knots they learned earlier in the day. They then competed to see who could be the first group of four to pitch a tent, get into sleeping bags inside the tent, get out, break the tent down, and pack away all the components in their backpacks. The winning group—Seth, Nate, Inigo, and Antonio—get a trip to Dunks tomorrow morning! All the groups celebrated their accomplishments with (slightly frozen) candy.

Tomorrow will be all about food, water, and most importantly making fire!

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