Tuesday, March 7, 2017

America's Pastime- Day 2

The group met early for breakfast before spending the morning researching for our timeline project.  Once in the classroom, we assigned each group member a decade starting in 1900 and finishing in the present.  We are trying to research significant U.S. History events during the decade and connect them with important MLB events during the time.  After some statistical research, each group member also researched a specific team/stadium and some cultural aspects of the city.  In addition, each group member selected a hall of fame player from the decade which we will research and ask questions about tomorrow!

We finished the day with an epic game of tennis ball baseball.  Tied 30-30 after 9 innings the game had to go to extra innings, ending with a huge hit from Most Improved Player, Enda Sweeney!

We head to Cooperstown NY tomorrow to visit the Hall of Fame Museum, we are so excited! Pictures and details to come tomorrow...

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