Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Art and Science of Baking: Day One

We started the day off with a long drive through the winding roads of the north. We were destined to be bakers and our destination was a Bakery. This bakery was called King Arthur Flour in Vermont. We made cream puffs and eclairs for three whole hours. First we washed our hand and prepped ourselves mentally and physically. Next we made the dough and then the pastry cream. We topped our creations with chocolate ganache. We hustled to create boxes to store our products. We devoured some lovely eclairs and cream puffs. Then we ate lunch at the delicious and incredibly stylish King Arthur café and headed home.

Zola: I learned how to make cream filling and I learned how to properly fill pastries!
Olivia: I learned that the same dough can become pate a choux or churros!

Taylor: I learned how to use a KitchenAid mixer!

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