Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kurn Hattin: Day 3 Wednesday

We started our day with eating breakfast in the cafeteria of Kurn Hattin. Eating the meals with kids is always a great opportunity to bond and talk with them.

Right after breakfast we drove to the local ski resort Okemo since the children were planning to do a flashmob there. We were just told about it the day before and decided spontaneously to come along to watch and maybe even participate. On the bus ride there we read over the song lyrics that the kids were supposed to sing at the mountain to be able to participate. On the mountain it was so much fun to sing and dance with the kids. The teacher kept telling the kids: "This is a great opportunity to give back to Okemo!" It showed me that even though we are just there for a few days we were able to help them by for instance supporting them at the flashmob.

When we came back to the school we ate lunch with the kids and joined them at their afternoon activities. Everybody had the option to go to the afternoon activity they wanted. Some went to art class - I decided to go to a reading class where we talked about raccoons. Every time the teacher was reading a story about the raccoons, the little kids came close and cuddled with me. As soon as I had to leave the class the kids gave me a goodbye hug and I realized I did not want to leave. The other students did not want to leave either so we decided to stay a little longer and then go to the town of Keene, NH. It took us about 30 minutes to go Keene where we spent about an hour to explore the town. After we all went bowling which was a great time to bond and have fun. 

After we went bowling, Ms. Lea and Ms. Shapey had a big surprise for us. We knew that we would go out to eat dinner, but we did not know where we would go. We were positively surprised when we saw that we were about to eat Hibachi, which was extremely exciting since some of us never had it (including myself). 

We ended the day with our daily reflection and concluded that it was one of the best days since we were able to play with the kids, have fun with each other and eat some great food.

- Vanessa Thau

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