Saturday, March 4, 2017


The students involved in the Lifeguarding project are excited and nervous to get started learning the different techniques to save people lives.

Project Title: Lifeguarding

Project Leader: Eric Przepiorka, Maura Veilleux, Veronica Lima-DeAngelis

Location: On Campus & Concord, NH

Essential Questions: What does it take to become a certified lifeguard?

Project Description: This project is a great opportunity to gain a lifeguard certification! The skills used to become a lifeguard are useful for life and survival in general, including but not limited to provider CPR, First Aid, and lifeguarding and life-saving skills. Becoming a certified lifeguard is convenient when applying for summer jobs and is a great way to take advantage of your project week to earn a useful certification! Students must be able to swim 100 yards to participate in this project.

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