Monday, March 6, 2017

Live and Let Live Farm: Day 1

 Our First Day at the Farm

"We're really just excited to get out there and farm!" said Noah Dumont class of 2018 Friday before Project Week started at an all school meeting. It was obvious that this excitement had carried through the weekend when the group arrived for an early breakfast. We needed fuel for the work day!

Once at the rescue we took a short walking tour with a volunteer guide named Jess. She introduced us to the horses and told us which chores needed to be completed over the course of our first day. Soon after our tour we split up into two groups, each with a teacher, and cleaned the four goat pens until they were spotless.

As the day progressed the group continued to clean pens and even took some of the dogs out of their kennels for a well deserved walk on a snowmobile trail.

We are looking forward to a fantastic day on the farm tomorrow and expect the volunteers to be happy to have us back!

-Noah Dumont

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