Monday, March 6, 2017

Modern Mindfulness Day One - I Am Here Now

Today we started the morning with talking about our senses and how they relate to mindfulness. We practiced mindful eating (with grapes) and the practice of mindful listening. After our introduction to mindfulness, we watched a mindfulness animation called Why Mindfulness Is A Superpower. To prepare for a discussion with students involved in the mindfulness program at Middlesex, we also watched a short movie documenting Middlesex students giving their input on mindfulness and how they use it in school, sports and life. At approximately 10:00am we face timed two students Will (a senior) and Alex (a freshman) from Middlesex and had a Q&A session. It was very interesting to see how mindfulness actually affects other people our age. As Will stated, "you fill a bucket drop by drop." This reminds us that each time we practice mindfulness we add another drop to our buckets. Just think of how full our buckets will be by the end of this week!

We finished the morning with a mindful yoga session led by Mrs Churchill. We were led through a body scan meditation to increase our physical awareness and elicit a relaxation response from our parasympathetic nervous system. 

After lunch we all snuggled up in O'Connor House to watch Free the Mind, a documentary about Dr. Richard Davidson who researches mindfulness to help veterans with PTSD and children with ADHD. The documentary discussed the science behind how mindfulness practices affect and change the brain. 

From there we went straight to yoga with Katie O'Connell from Dragonfly Yoga Barn! She was unbelievable and no one wanted to stop! We actually ended 45 mins late because we were having so much fun with partner yoga! It was such a fun filled day and the group is so excited for what is to come for the rest of the week!

We will leave you with one of our favorite quotes from the day...Namaste.

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