Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mtn. Mechanics: The Transition Up to Jay Peak

Nico Albrecht              "Today was our first day at Jay Peak and it was more of a transition day... I have not snowboarded in a year so I was kind of rusty, but after a few rides I got a hang of it again. I relearned how to hit boxes and rails which was really scary at first. At the evening Katschi and I cooked for the whole squad. We made some really good "German" spaghetti bolognese, and Javier did a really good salad. He learned how to chop vegetables and mix them up nicely.  While writing this paragraph I was watching the others play a funny card game, and spectating it I get to know a lot about the certain persons because they need to interact with the cards. It makes it easy to read the peoples behavior. This is a good way to learn more about the people that are in this group.

Katschi Aumueller-               Today was the first day of project week and we arrived at Jay Peak. On our way to Vermont we stopped at the supermarket where we bought our lunches for the entire week. It was fun to be able to plan out our meals for the entire week and do the grocery shopping on our own. When choosing our groceries, Nico and I tried to buy only healthy foods and not get any soda or candy. A question that came up at the grocery store was how does one know what is healthy?  I'm very excited for the rest of the week and I'm looking forward to meeting the ski patrol tomorrow and learning about their job.

Madeline Conkling-   Today I learned how to manage money in the grocery store. I also learned how to get food that will last throughout the whole week. I also had a great day of skiing with everyone. I learned how to do a high rail and a switch back. We had a family style dinner where we could talk and get to know each other. I then cleaned dishes with Jack and Jamie. I learned how to properly put away dishes. One question I thought about was how does Jay Peak keep their snow throughout march?

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