Saturday, March 11, 2017

Photographing the Essence of Prague, Day 5

Today was a busy day! After a much needed sleep in, we had a good breakfast and a photo editing session with help from Mrs. Wilson. After this, we headed back into the Old Town to admire the beautiful Municipal House built in the art nouveau style of architecture. We then climbed to the top of the "Powder Tower" and saw the beautiful views overlooking the entire city. This tower was a beautiful Gothic style structure that was part of the original wall surrounding Old Town. In the early 20th century it was connected to the Municipal House, a palace in an art nouveau style.  After this, we headed into the palace and admired the intricate decorations and details.

After spending some time in the palace, we headed over to the Palladium which is a giant mall and shopping center built in place of a former military barracks complex. We were able to have some free time and find lunch in the Palladium all while practicing photo journalism. After this, we met Martin from Matela Studio under the Zeleznicni bridge. The theme for this third session with Martin was architecture. We walked to the top of the Vysehrad hill where we were able to capture pictures of the beautiful basilica of St. Peter and Paul from both the outside and inside. After this, we headed to a platform with a beautiful view of the entire city of Prague and practiced taking panoramic photos. We were all very cold after this, so we headed into a nearby coffee shop where we got coffee and various delicious desserts. We then headed into the DOX museum of contemporary art in Holesovice and  admired the current photo exhibition. Once our session with Martin was over, we said goodbye and headed back to the Palladium for some dinner and shopping. We are now back at our hotel uploading and editing photos and getting ready for another busy day.
- Moesy

Waiting for the tram with our photography instructor

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