Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Project Flight-Day 2

On day two, we worked on our aircraft models. We all were very excited to put pieces together; only a few problems were met such as problems of finding a right screwdriver. However, our models are ready to fly so far!

After finish building aircrafts, we went to Concord airport and the NH State Police. We learned about how they use the airplane in their job. We have seen many kinds of aircrafts, we were surprised how old of them are. The instructor told us that every aircraft needs to be inspected every hundred hours fly. Learning about the components of it, we surprised how complicated it was. We also had a chance to speak with one of the pilot, he told us what we need in order to get a private pilot licence including forty hours of flying, be able to know the weather before fly and etc.

We are ready!!
NH State Police helicopter.

                                                   Firn and Riley

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