Friday, March 10, 2017

Table Top Gaming - penultimate

To start today's project, we take pictures about the skill cards we designed yesterday. Everybody participate in it: Regis is always "faceless", Hex is the photographer, and Fred, Eddie, and Harry usually are the actor. 

After that, we begin to play an employment game, called Fun Employed. Fun employed is a card-based party game in which everyone's trying to become employed.  This game really develops our speaking skills, creativity, and ability of judgment. In the end, Hex wins two jobs and win the game. 

After finishing our lunch, we play Elder Sign, which is a dice game that can improve our ability of cooperation, since we need to choose different room to go in depend on our different characters' abilities. In the end, we need to beat a monster together. However, today is not Hex's day; she doesn't pass any room, because she is unlucky on dice. But Regis pass three rooms, and become the winner of the game today by using his strategy. We gather together at 6 p.m. again, and have some best lasagna in Mr. Dr. Bergdahl's home, cooked by Mrs. Dr. Bergdahl. Afterwards, we talk about our presentation on Saturday, play some Fibbage, and enjoy some delicious ice cream at last. Wanna see what are our self-deigned skill cards look like? Come to our table Saturday, and play games with us!!! 

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