Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Art of Clay: Day 3

The students enjoyed another busy day of ceramic adventures in The Art of Clay. Our travels today brought us to nearby Rumney and Meredith, followed by an afternoon of slab projects back at the Community Clay Center in Plymouth! Adi and Kelly had these reflections on our day.

Today for Project Week we first went to Richard Wetterer’s studio and gallery at Shanware Pottery. He showed us all of his work and demonstrated to us how he throws off the hump. This terms refers to a technique that involves throwing multiple pieces from one large piece of clay. We were also able to see Mr. Wetterer’s kiln building before we moved on to see the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Gallery in Meredith. After finishing up at the gallery and having lunch in Plymouth, we went to the Community Clay Center to do mask and architectural handbuilding projects. -Adi '18

Today in The Art of Clay we visited potter Richard Wetterer from Shanware Pottery. We got the chance to look around at all of his work and tour his studio. He showed us how he threw clay off the hump, meaning he made many pieces out of a single lump of clay. We also learned about his personal glazes and techniques. After seeing his studio we went to a gallery and looked around at the ceramic work. Here we saw a few pieces that had been made by artists we had met previously in the week. In the afternoon we got the chance to hand build pieces. Some made masks while others made architectural buildings, including a chicken church, bird house, underwater castle, and a tall house. -Kelly '19

The glaze room of potter Richard Wetterer at Shanware Pottery.

Mr. Wetterer demonstrates the technique of throwing off the hump.

A set of recently finished mugs from Mr. Wetterer's studio.

Work on display in the gallery at Shanware Pottery

The Art of Clay squad and Mr. Wetterer in the Shanware Pottery gallery.

Michael works on his slab mask at the Community Clay Center
Maggie, Evelyn, Tina, and Adi work on their architecturally inspired slab pieces at the Community Clay Center.

Eva details her slab mask during our afternoon studio time at the Community Clay Center.

Maggie puts the finishing touches on her "chicken church" inspired piece.
Candice, Michael, and Max work on their mask designs.

The Art of Clay crew with Tamara and Michelle, two of our fantastic instructors this week at the Community Clay Center.

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