Saturday, March 11, 2017

Live and Let Live Farm

Lessons learned at Live and Let Live

Alex Kopyova: I learned how to work with animals, improve farming supplies and organize myself. The work on the farm is very difficult and the weather sometimes makes it even worse, but the idea of helping animals and hard work of the other volunteers I inspired me to do my best during our stay on the farm.

Chris Elhayek: I became more confident around animals. Before Project Week I had never been around horses and goats and throughout the week I learned how to groom them and clean their living spaces.

Noah Dumont: I learned how to pen a horse, how to behave around a misbehaving horse and what a lunge crop/whip is and how it is used.

Nikki Bronson: I learned how to back up a truck and how to do water on the farm.

Amelia Clairmont: I practiced driving a truck and learned how to groom a horse.

Jenny Kim: I learned how to clean a bunny cage.

Kelly Kim: This was my first experience on a farm so I picked up many skills. I learned how to groom a horse, muck a paddock and care for small animals.

Katya Egorova: I gained confidence around big animals and learned what caring for them involves. I mucked paddocks, groomed horses and walked large dogs for the first time.

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