Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ultimate Cooking

Essential Question: What simple tools and techniques can give people the skills to make delicious gourmet food that will help them eat like royalty and be popular in college while also giving them cooking skills to use for the rest of their lives?

This week, we will learn how to expand our palates by exploring new cooking techniques and being adventurous eaters. Ultimate cooking will start a journey to create delicious and satisfying food that will help prepare us for college and life. On Tuesday, we are excited to go to Tuscan Kitchen and have the opportunity to learn from experienced chefs. We will be learning proper shopping rules and how to buy food efficiently. Christian is looking forward to the food competitions and spending time with friends. Micah is looking forward to making homemade pizza and Guddie is excited to learn new skills that will impress his mom. Mary is excited to learn simple skills of the kitchen and craft meals of her own.

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