Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bringing Stories to Life

What does it take to create a completely original story and bring it to life?

"The world is not made of atoms. It is made of stories." - Muriel Ruykeser

Despite the fact that stories surround us, we watch Netflix, we share memorable moments with friends, we write the plot to our lives every in every moment of every day, how many of us truly consider ourselves storytellers? With our small, but no less incredible group, the Bringing Stories to Life team will bring out their natural story tellers within by learning just what it takes to make a piece of fiction a reality.

Although there is uncertainty about some of their first experiences writing, the group is excited to:

“…Improve my vocabulary…”
 “…Meet a published author…”
 “…Explore my creativity…”
“…Work on my creative writing skills…”
 “…Publish a story…”

To start our week, we must remember that we, like our stories, are works in progress. No author started a best seller. We will all challenge and support one another, and by the end of our project, we hope that our students can see that their expression through writing isn’t something for the few or the elite. It’s for anyone with a story to share.

"Everybody likes to tell a story. Little children do it effortlessly. Great artists do it with talent and years of practice. Somewhere in between stand you and I." - Sylvia Ziskind

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