Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Day of Husky Heads, Body Paint, Strange Goo on Walls, and Deli Meat

There's nothing like filming on location to get the crew going. During the morning the Freeborn/Arsenault film crew set out to start filming. The theater offered us a great chance to become familiar with the equipment and think through our vision. One of our actresses, Hilary Cashin, got into her role like she would any hockey game: at one point she body-checked a pole and went head-on into some chairs. As you can see from the bruise, film making can be hazardous. When asked if she was alright, Hilary commented that sometimes sacrifices are necessary when it comes to art.

Before heading to lunch, we moved production to the dance studio to film our second scene. The setting challenged our camera operator, Kevin Goshorn, who had to manage to film our actress, Ceci Jansen, but not capture himself in the mirrors. Here are some stills of our crew thinking through shots:
Kevin and Gracie looking over a shot
Prepping for the next shot
Dealing with a mirror is tricking when filming
Our director, Auden, getting a feel for what it takes to be a Husky
Our producers, Grace and Gracie, peeking in to make
sure the shot is going well
One of our actors, Joe, meditating between shots
Auden tasting the props
One of our actresses, Ceci, getting smeared
with blood (i.e., ketchup)

After a break for lunch, the crew was back at it, only venturing into the dark underbelly of Lane. Exploring the rooms, one student commented, "It's as if nothing's been touched since the teacher left"; there's definitely a creepy vibe coming from the space. Perfect for a thriller movie. We took advantage of the props, thanks to Sidney Swormstedt, our props master, and worked to build a good sense of atmosphere. However, the place started to get to us after a while, as we saw when our producers, Gracie Magazini and Grace Bailer, noted our actor, Tory Miller, getting into an argument with a metal pole. When asked, Tory commented that he is a method actor, and needed to find the right motivation for his character, the killer. Kudos goes to our actress, Ceci Jansen, today. She embraced her role as a victim and literally got down and dirty - at one point having ketchup and deli meat on her face and neck! Lastly, if you are ever looking for a fabulous horror movie scream, look to Gracie Magazini, as she has the real deal, enough even to make Jamie Lee Curtis look lame.

Tomorrow, we hope to complete our shoot so we can then enter post-production editing Thursday and Friday in preparation for the symposium on Saturday.

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