Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Therapeutic Recreation in Action

Hey ya'll!

We are LOVING Project Week so far! Right now, Beyond Disability is at Portsmouth Middle School helping them learn how to use wheel chairs! We are trying to show the students and young athletes that even if you have a physical disability you can still participate in sports! It is really cool to watch them adapt and see all the smiles on their faces. This morning we attended Rehab 3, a gym where athletes with physical disabilities are trained, and learn how to do things in life that they did not think they would be able to ever do in a wheel chair. The group got trained this morning by Bill Stewart who works at Rehab 3; the center for athletes. We saw what it was like for him, and what he did to help people and athletes who have physical disabilities. 

Yesterday, Chandler Bullard, program specialist at NEP gave us a tour of Northeast Passage and described the focus of their organization. We were able to take a look at all the equipement that is used and all the different type of wheel chairs, and chairs for different sports and outdoor activities. After our tour we headed over to the UNH gym, with a trailer full of wheel chairs! All 12 of us were strapped into the wheel chairs and played games such as, "fishy fishy cross my ocean", handball and other tag games in the chairs. It was a really cool experience and after so long being in the wheel chairs, we came to a conclusion that it did not even feel like they were something holding us back. We were laughing and having fun and the competitiveness was high. 

After people are in accidents, Northeast Passage helps them get back into their old routines and it gives them the ability to learn how to get around the easiest way in life. After playing games and being familiar in the wheel chairs and getting to know Chandler, we had the opportunity to meet Taylor Chace, Rossli Chace's brother. Taylor is also a program specialist at NEP and Sled Hockey Paralympic Gold Medalist! We had the chance to hear all about his experiences and see many of his medals, one being a gold medal from the Vancouver 2010 Paralympics. In the evening we attended the Chace's house for dinner and the chance to sit and get to know Taylor. We watched videos of other athletes that were recognized for their performances. We also watched interviews of Taylor's teammates and got to see what happened to them and how they overcame their disabilities. 

Tonight we are looking forward to a group bonding/reflection dinner and a movie! Hope you're all having a great week and learning all about your projects, enjoy the next few days! 

Beauties and the Beast
(written by @yoyoslick) 

At the Chace's with Taylor and his medals

At UNH gym playing around in wheel chairs

Taylor's Accomplishments

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