Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 2-Grand Canyon

Day 2 of our Grand Circle Classroom was packed with hiking and amazing views.

We started off doing an easy ramble through Sunset Crater Park.  There were lava flows, dead twisted trees and neon green lichen. It was hard to capture the differences of the land around us with a photo. Snow capped mountains in the background, lava flows just off the trail, black shale hills, and a splatted vent formed by the volcano which looked like a fort.

Cara hiking a lava flow trail and later she did a
wonderful job hiking down South Kaibab trail
into the Grand Canyon. Cara is doing a great
job and is always full of smiles.
Reilly looking pensively at the awe of the canyon. He was
tiered throughout the day but also showed leadership within
the group and spent most of his time just gazing out at he views.
WOOOOOOO!!! Mrs. Frame realized her dream!
Raj taking a break as we walked down into the canyon.
He was a rock star later in the day at the indoor climbing gym.
WOW says Yifu.

The Guides and Teachers
We are having an amazing time and our days are just full of memories and experiences we will never forget. We are having a hard time finding the time to blog and our Essential Question has been eradicated by our incredible time here. We will post our new Essential Question soon!

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