Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quick Update

We had another amazing day on the Colorado Plateau and in the Glen Canyon.  More pictures and a  blog post will be published in the morning. Tonight is the first night we had some time to upload, edit, and think. Raj has been working hard to sort through all his amazing photos and choosing the worthy ones. Cara, Yifu and Aki patiently uploaded all the photos from the group with very slow internet in Kanab, Utah. As I write this, Reilly is still downloading all his Go Pro videos and editing these. Aaron and Carley interviewed each member for their thoughts, and these are coming tomorrow. Lastly, we worked together to revise our essential question. It was clear after the second day that our original essential question did not fit our experience here.

New Essential Question:  
Are great adventures away from the classroom needed in today's information age? Why did we need to come to the Colorado Plateau to experience the history of the planet?

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