Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day One of Filming

The Freeborn/Arsenault group met this morning for their first production meeting and went over goals for the day and reflected on the process itself. As a director, Auden has taken over the leadership of the project and is working in close conjunction with his producers and the rest of the crew. Here are some highlights:

Director: Auden Menke
I would like to be able to get a fair amount of shooting and filming done today. Depending on how many people are willing to sacrifice a little bit of their night we could get a good feel for most of the shots.

Actress: Hilary Cashin
Today I hope that we can finish filming a few scenes. I'm excited to finally start filming so that we can get closer to having a movie!

Camera Operator: Kevin Goshorn
Today, I hope that we can get as much of the video shot as we can. Hopefully, if we get enough done, we will have tomorrow to finish and the rest of the week to edit.

Producer: Grace Bailer
I am excited to finally start shooting the film today. It will be cool to see our vision actually happen. The only thing I am worried about is not being able to get our point across in the way we had hoped or planned it to.

Props Master: Sidney Swormstedt
My goal for today is to get a few scenes done from our movie. Also, as prop master, to retrieve all of the props needed for the movie.

Producer: Gracie Magazini
Today is when we start doing our shots for the different scenes. I am very excited however nervous for how it is going to turn out. We have worked hard with putting together the script and now it is putting it all together by filming. I hope that we are able to get a few scenes done today and can't wait to get at it!

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