Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hard work and lots of progress!

Business of Upcycling 
Reflections for Tuesday, March 5th

We cut the padding into circles, cut the fabric, screwed bolts into the seats, and stapled the padding and fabric to the seats

As our journey progresses with the Business of Upcycling, we are making great strides. We are currently in the process of spray painting the stools we found in Meservey. To compliment the newly painted stools, there are now seat cushions to go with them.

So far today, we've accomplished a lot. We've also sanded some of the wooden armrests for the chairs. That's what we've done in the first hour and a half!

The last stool getting prepared for the assembly line.
Spray painting gloss navy blue.
Adding fabric and hardware.  
Measuring out pieces!
Looking renewed!
Old vs New

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