Monday, March 4, 2013

Exploring Lobstering DAY 1!

Today we met in the dining hall where we split into four groups. Each group was assigned to research different topics about lobsters. The two topics our group had today were "The Biology of Lobsters" and "Lobsters As Food".

From the biology research, we learned about where lobsters live, what they eat, how they reproduce, how their anatomy helps them in their environment, and how they grow.  During the "Lobster As Food" research, we learned about the process of lobsters being caught, sent to stores, and being sold and killed.

Later this afternoon, our group will be watching the episodes from the Discovery Channel series, "Lobstermen" to learn more about the industry.

-Jourdan, Hayden, Cole, James, Trevor

Here is a glimpse into our research!

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