Monday, March 4, 2013

Getting Pumped to Make a Movie!

This morning, our group held a production meeting to discuss the various roles required in making a movie. We set goals and focused on how we were to proceed for the rest of the week. Although a little tentative at first, the group quickly warmed up to each other and were quick to swap ideas for scripts. Here are some thoughts from people in the group:

  • Excited and ready to go!
  • Auden: let's make a movie!
  • Gracie: excited to be a movie star
  • Kevin: school should be like this everyday
  • Matthias: got some good ideas!

We are excited for learning how to make a movie. Such as, filming, editing and acting. None of us have any previous movie making experience so all of this is new. This project will be a creative way to learn while we get to work and interact in groups.

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