Thursday, March 7, 2013

Final Day at Good Will-Hinckley School

"Today our group split up into three different teams to divide and conquer. Some worked in the on-campus museum helping to make scavenger hunts for younger kids and sorting through old pictures that were donated. The second group did some manual work in the maple syrup shack by helping clean the floors. The last group held some meetings with members of the school faculty to talk about the experience and the possibility of having some Good-Will Hinckley students visit New Hampton." 
-Sunny P.

"After having lunch with the students, our project week group broke off once again. Two of the groups went on a hike through the trails that the campus had to offer, and one group went back to the museum to make a Saint-Patrick's Day theme scavenger hunt." 
-Sunny P.

Cara looks back in history at the
G.W.-H. museum.
Eliza works in the museum to help create a
St. Patrick's day scavenger hunt for kids.
Mop until you drop.
Jackie looking over her work.
"Today we split up into different groups. I cleaned and explored a dorm and it was cool to see the differences in the dorm compared to New Hampton. We also ate lunch with the kids and it seemed like every day got better as we got more comfortable with the kids. After lunch we went on a hike and I realized how huge the campus is."

Don't get in Shayla's way when
she is sweeping the halls.
Shiny floors and shiny smiles.
Who is pumped for a hike on the nature trails?
Who has two thumbs and is
happy to be hiking?
I am the leader,
now which way should we go?

Bri C., Shayla H., Brayson G.,
Abby R., Jackie M.
Any sap in there?
Taking a closer look at the maple syrup operation at G.W.-H. school

Mr. Redman explains some history
and landmarks at Good Will-Hinckley School.
Campus chapel
Old stone wall
Laura Y., Mr. Redman, Susan T., Claudia A.,
exploring the boundaries of the campus.
Who goes there?

Half the group enjoys a final night together.
The other half of the group
preferred a different menu, Thai!
"I hope we are able to give kids the opportunity to visit New Hampton so they realize what opportunities they have, and I also hope our group can provide the necessary feedback to help improve the school so they grow and are successful."

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