Thursday, March 7, 2013

Make it Grand | Day 4

Today was an exciting day for the student artists. 
The art works are evolving and have visual impact. Students spent the day working, problem solving, refining, considering their final presentations, and writing artist statements to accompany their work in the gallery. The photo lab, the art studio, and the gallery are all an active mess as students have claimed their own "studio space" and don't need to share it!

media studies for a mural ...  these German girls like DD!

time capsules of American history

making a statement about climate change          adding life to a skull "still life"

more works in progress


We begin and end each day with a student presentation on "an artist who inspires" him/her.  Today Sam presented Michelangelo, including three short clips from this pbs movie
The "shares" have been personal and meaningful.

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