Thursday, March 7, 2013

Husky High Altitude Balloon

With a cooperative effort, we had a successful launch of Husky III at 12:48pm. Traveling Southwest following Rt 104, it disappeared through the clouds in approximately 2 min. The size of the balloon was approximately 7 ft in diameter.

1:09pm- Husky III took a Northwest turn and traveled over Newfound Lake (43.6278 latitude, -71.7416 longitude).

With no recent up date from the SPOT GPS tracker, which is on board, we have learned that the SPOT is only capable of updating its location every 10 mins, and up to altitudes of 60,000 feet. As the balloon rises, we will receive a signal until it passes the 60,000ft mark, and then not again until the balloon pops and falls back under 60,000. It is not uncommon to get nervous and wait 2 hrs to get a signal after you launch. We believe the balloon has reached 25,000 ft. (Troposphere)

Our most recent update has Husky III taking a turn and going East heading toward Plymouth.
Click here to follow Husky III.

2:10pm- Husky III was over Moultonbrough.

2:18pm- Husky III changed direction and is traveling Northwest. Husky III is over Squam Lake. It has been in the air 2hrs.

2:22pm- Husky III is over an uninhabited island in Squam Lake.

2:50pm- Husky III is still over an uninhabited island in Squam Lake but has moved approx. 50 meters in a more northern direction.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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