Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ins and outs of online dialoge

"Writing online is part of an ongoing dialoge not a definitive work. That simple fact has shaped the reality of news, blogs, and social media" - Katrine Demody

Students sat spell bound as they learned the ins and outs of online discourse from the professionals at GlobalPost. Additionally, students were able to see first hand how news organizations use social media to gather and disseminate information.

Stacey Leasca, Social Media Editor for GlobalPost, also let students in on a few writing tips and tricks for generating content. In addition to her work at GlobalPost, Stacey has a background as a blogger. SUMOskinny, a popular web magazine, was founded by Stacey and a friend. It also began as a blog.  Since SUMOskinny's inception it has grown into a web magazine geared for college students.

At the end of the day students walked away with 4 key messages:
  • Know that your online persona is important, take an active role in shaping it
    • What you post online is FOREVER, and that is ok
  • Online discourse is not academic and has different rules for writing that align more with public speaking. 
  • Have a blog (you can make it private), but above all you should have opinion and figure out ways to share it. 
  • Graphics/ Art/ Imagery are mandatory for blogging. 

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