Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kids Helping Kids: Day Three

"This is the third day that we’ve been here at Good Will Hinckley. It’s cold. I’m happy to be here though. The sugar shack is really interesting to me, as I’ve never really been in one. The sap runs through this maze-like distiller. It’s heated to about 217 degrees Fahrenheit. The walk past the farm was a little cold, but it was nice to be out and get some fresh air."
-Emily Moulton


"There we got to see what the kids were doing in terms of maple sugaring. Early in the morning they went out to collect gallons (about 60) of sap from nearby trees that they had tapped. The sap was then poured into an outdoor tank, which, in turn, filtered the sap through numerous pipes into an evaporation machine. This indoor machine, confined within the shack, heated the sap for hours until the prized syrup was created at the end of the process. This took most of the day. While the syrup was boiling, the group was given an opportunity to go on a walk around a portion of campus. We all bonded, some more than others, due to various piggyback accommodations made for those lacking in the ACL department."
-Cara Vogel

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