Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kids Helping Kids: Day Three Part 2

"The presentation was an interesting opportunity to learn about how school goes on
during the day at the Good Will Hinkely school. Robert was presenting his view on the issues concerning the Pakistan-Israeli war."

"I think its interesting how the school functions. The students don’t have homework. They go to classes at about 8:30, but they’ll have days where they do alternative activities. They don’t have strict check-in times like New Hampton. It’s funny to compare this school and NHS. They’re completely different, and have different purposes but the kids are so similar that it can be difficult to not compare the two. This trip is teaching me that we as people need to look out for each other. We make assumptions about people we’ve never met. Why do we do that? Alot of the NHS kids here have preconceived ideas of what the Good Will - Hinckley kids should be like. I am certainly guilty of that. We’re all realizing that those ideas were absolutely wrong. We were separating the people here from ourselves when we should have been accepting them from the beginning. If we remember that they’re a part of the same society, species, world as “us”, shouldn’t it be easier for us to help them? They’re a part of us. We have to help those who have less than us because we’d want help if roles were reversed.”

New Hampton students sit in on a presentation about Palestine
presented by a Good Will-Hinckley student named Robert. 
Surrounding farm land at Good Will-Hinckley school.

New Hampton students discussing their
experiences from the day in their
educational philosophies.
Good Will-Hinckley students are responsible
for various chores in the cottages they live in.

Emily enjoying a family style dinner
with the Good Will-Hinckley students.
At Good Will-Hinckley students live in
small cottages and enjoy family style
dinners every night.

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