Friday, March 8, 2013

Lifeguarding Wraps Up

Above is Todd executing a flawless front escape from an active drowning victim and readjusting to come back for a front active victim rescue.

The lifeguards put in tons of time and energy during project week in order to take on a lot of responsibility.  It was demanding both physically and mentally, but they showed the determinism and finished strong.

The beginning of the week consisted of learning about the legal considerations and responsibilities of becoming a lifeguard, followed by our pre-course physical tests (300 yard swim, 25 yard "brick retrieval," and treading water for 2 mins without using their hands).

Watching the Videos -- We spent a lot of time in the classroom.
Tuesday was spent learning the actual skills and rescues in the water.

Taking the Final Written Exam
In transition between learning skills.
Jeff's favorit part of the course was the pink polka-dotted ball.
On Wednesday we focused on CPR/AED and First Aid for the Professional Rescuer.

Mike performing CPR while Todd sets up
the AED. Both were very fast and efficient.

The group performing primary assessments and CPR.
Everyone right before their final skill session.
We practiced "backboarding" for head, neck, and spinal injuries on Thursday. Friday we took the final written exam, which most students passed. It is good to know there will be 12 more trained personnel on campus for the rest of the year.

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