Friday, March 8, 2013


We made our way to the Dragon Fly Yoga Barn today in North Sandwich, NH over some of the worst roads we have ever driven. Frost heaves and snow covering the road made our final journey an adventure to remember. When we arrived at the studio, many were feeling sleepy or a little car sick, and energy was very low. Katie O'Connell, owner of the studio and retreat center, gently led us out of our malaise and transformed our beings back into joy filled spirits.

The Yoga Barn is a very special place. Over 200 years old and transplanted from an old farm in Moultonboro, the Barn has been brought to life by Katie and the many people she has taught and retreated with. Small white lights surround the edges of many of the old beams. Statues of Budha, Shakti, and other enlightened ones gently grounded the corners of the room. The French doors and bold windows opened to a startling view of White Face Mountain, and the soft music in the background made it hard to leave.

The yoga today was similar to day one of the retreat but with some added fun. Vigorous Vinyasa Flow worked us out, and then the students enjoyed some inversions and a few partner poses. All in all, it was a great day... and needless to say, we found a different way home!

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