Friday, March 8, 2013

Makin' It in New York - Back to NH!

Thursday 3/7 the group attended a performance of an off off Broadway play at the Workshop Theater. We were fortunate to be part of a talkback with the playwright, Scott Sickles, and the entire cast of the show. Reflections from Lightning from Heaven...

Adam M.
I thought Lightning from Heaven was really interesting to watch. The theatre was very small and intimate, and it felt like you were right there in Communist Russia. The play was well written and well researched. You could tell that the writer really cared about the characters and the situations discussed in the play.

Dan L.
Lightning from Heaven was a very new experience for me. The theater was very small so the actors were within five feet from you. This made for a very interesting experience for the viewer. I enjoyed the story of the play. The characters were amazing and it made for a very good experience.

Pablo Z.
Lightning from Heaven was a straight play - meaning they do not have music/singing in their play. This was a brand new experience for me, as I have never watched a non-musical performance before. I especially admired the lead female of the play because she was on stage, devoted to the play for the whole time and did not have any free time to rest. The spirit of respecting your job is the most I benefited from watching the show.

Starr P.
Lightning from Heaven was very different than the other shows we watched through the duration of this trip. It had a much different atmosphere compared to Newsies and Once. This play was filled with talented actors and actresses who did an amazing job telling the story. It was a very quiet theater and a more adult topic. Though the play was serious, there were many funny details within it. Afterwards, during the Q and A session, we got to ask the cast questions, which they answered truthfully and gave everyone on the trip a different view of a career in the performing arts.

Alena R.
Lightning from Heaven was very different from the other shows. This play is very serious and for me it was really interesting because I am Russian and they were talking about Russian poet Boris Pasternak. After the play, all the actors were very kind and told us the story of how they got there, and we also spoke to the man who wrote this play.

Mandy B.
Lightning from Heaven was an honestly enjoyable show, although it ran a little long. The acting involved in this play was the best out of all the shows we had seen. The emotions were so real and I believed the chemistry between Olga and Boris. The show had an eerie feel to it and sort of reminded me of "Law and Order" at some parts. As an actress, I appreciated the work that was done before my eyes. I truly admire the actors involved with the show.

Lightning from Heaven was completely different from the plays we watched before. The story took place in Russia. I was interested in it, even though the play seemed boring at first. It got more exciting and interesting as it went on.

It was very fun yesterday night. It was interesting to me to see the actors during the play and afterwards get the chance to meet them backstage.

Danny M.
Lightning from Heaven was a great experience; I enjoyed the show very much. This was one of the first straight plays that I enjoyed. While watching it, I felt like I was in the play. It actually made me feel, and changed my emotions. This is the only straight play that has ever done this to me.    

Lightning from Heaven was different than the other plays because they did not sing at all and did not dance. It was also a little longer and in a smaller theater than the other plays we saw before. It was also fascinating for me to see how the actors are totally different in person than their stage personalities.

After a long travel day, the Makin' It in New York group is back from their trip!

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