Friday, March 8, 2013

Make it Grand | Day 5

Time warp. Today went by so fast no one could believe it.

Everyone was trying to finish their projects. It was a day of details and final problem-solving.  Several works are already in the gallery, presented with focused lights and artist statements, the rest will be there by 10:00 AM tomorrow!

This afternoon we finally got off-campus (first time all week) to see two gallery exhibits at the Kimball Jenkins Estate and to have a hibachi grill and sushi dinner at Moritomos, both in Concord.
The students had a new appreciation for the work that goes into a finished piece of art. We all really enjoyed the work of artists Tae Nelson and Charlie Goodwin. Talking to the gallery director, students learned that a gallery takes an average of 50% of the sale price of the art work. Thinking back to the 30+ hours each student had spent on their own pieces this week, they realized why art can be expensive, but is also an investment that doesn't devalue.

Dinner at Moritomos was fun and really really yummy. Ms.Walsh and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Theresa and others experience the hibachi "show"for the first time.

Looking forward to the symposium tomorrow!


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