Friday, March 8, 2013

Kids Helping Kids: Final Day

After my experience at the soup kitchen, I appreciate everything my parents do for me every day, and appreciate the opportunities that I really have. I realized that I have to take full advantage of my opportunity at New Hampton, and even further than that, because not everybody gets a chance like that in their lifetime.

We had an 8am departure from Good Will-Hinckley School.
Most of us fell right asleep on our way to Preble St. soup kitchen.
Claudia, Abby, and Emily help pack
bagged lunches at Preble Street soup kitchen.
Look at all the donated food! The majority of our time
at Preble St. was spent unloading this truck.
We stocked all the donated food in the
basement of Preble Street.

At this point I wanted to leave, but I had a change of heart when all these people began asking what school did we go to and where we were from? They said thank you, talked, and held conversations with us, and they were appreciative for something so simple to me but so big to them.
What a crew! This is the group before returning to Husky Nation. 
Thanks to everyone for keeping a positive attitude and helping others. Can't every week be Project Week?

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  1. I love it: "Can't every week be Project Week?"